torsdag 29 augusti 2013

European Scarp Battle - Part 1

I’m one of the participants in the “European Scarp Battle and tournament”, where more than 10 countries are participating.  You can compete in several categories and I chose card and layout.
Part 1 in the tournament was to create a work with the colors and style from the blog from the Stockholm Scrap and Pearl Event.

I had a hard time to get started and first I did my card. This is the result, which I am not so happy about.

After that it was easier to do the layout. Sad enough I had too little time to do all the details I’ve planned. But consider the little time I had, I´m pleased with the results.

This was the blog that should inspire us.

Saturday 20 pm was the deadline and after that anyone who wanted could vote. We were not allowed to show our work before the voting was closed, which was yesterday. There were nearly 80 beautiful contributions in each category and only 64 can move on to Battle 2.
Right now they counting votes and I am so excited to see the results. There were so many talented ladies who participated, so my chance to move on to battle 2 I not so god. But I keep my fingers crossed.


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